Sliding doors with a cover plate

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Solution for interior sliding doors. A clean, attractive and totally finished design is achieved by completely hiding the track and fittings with the white or grey aluminium fascia plates and the end plates installed on the ends of the track. The set is designed for use in residential projects, as well as in public and commercial facilities, where space is limited and ease of access is required. The set has been designed together with door manufacturers and installers to combine the construction site’s requirements for fastness and ease of installation. Specially designed track with slide-on wall brackets, clip-on aluminium fascia plates and durable plastic end plates minimize the need of drilling and screws. This significantly reduces the time consumed on the installation, as well as achieves a compact and fully finished job. You can easily add an advanced Soft close mechanism to the set that allows the sliding doors to close smoothly, noiselessly and safely.

Cover Plate set 655 is an ideal solution for the following places:

  • apartments
  • hospitals
  • offices
  • retirement homes

Available in easy to install Do-It- Yourself packages.

Weight capacity: 100 kg
Installation's door material: Wood

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