For two wardrobe doors (hidden bottom guide)

(Series: 60)

Solution for two sliding doors in a wardrobe that has a plinth. Series 60 is mainly used with two or more wood or mirrored wardrobe doors. Wardrobe sliding doors are practical in small spaces and hide shelves, coat hangers etc., leaving a stylish end result.

This series bottom guides are different since they can be hidden by installing them to the back of the sliding door and underneath the panel of the wardrobe.  This feature guarantees a clean finish to the front of the sliding door when using a plinth. The track can be fixed directly underneath the door lintel without brackets. The hangers are available with top or side fixing plates.

This system is designed for the furnishing industry and carpenters.

Door thickness: 15–25 mm

Series 60 is an ideal solution for the following places:

  • wardrobes
  • cupboards
  • small storages

Weight capacity: 45 kg
Installation's door material: Wood

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