Updates in the 75 series fittings sets starting 1st of October 2019

In the past year, we have added a lot of new products to our 75 series, now we are adding these new products to our fittings sets. We have taken into consideration our customers feedback, when planning these changes. These changes will not only add to the comfortable and effortless use of a sliding door, but also we have managed to find more cost-effective ways to produce our products, which means we can offer some of our fittings sets at even better price. We will start to delivery these updated fittings sets from the 1st of October.

Sliding door fittings set with track 75 Flow


The biggest change will be for the 75 Flow fittings set, which will include the new SOFT CLOSE which has been design perfectly for the weight of an interior sliding door, closing the door smoothly and softly.

In addition the old stop will be changed to the new advanced track stop with damper; SOFT STOP. Usually installed to the open end of the door, the Soft Stop softens the doors movement and holds the door by the hanger so that the door does not bounce back as with regular stops. This function also adds to the sliding doors ease of use.

These updates will change the Fittings set with track 75 Flow’s weight capacity to 75 kg.  When your door weighs more the 75 kg, check out our Soft close for 100 kg.

Sliding door fittings set with track 75 Junior


Flow’s little brother 75 Junior will include the new stop KP-75 instead of the old KP-75/100. The new stop’s biggest benefit is that it is installed completely inside the track, unlike the KP-75/100 which leaves the screw and tile visible.



Fittings set 765 ja assembly set LH 775


Fittings set 765 and assembly set LH 775, which includes the low headroom plates will include the new stop KP-75, which is installed completely inside the track, instead of the KP-75/100.


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