Everything we make, we make to slide. We are not a door manufacturer, nor an expert on curtains. What we know, and what we do best, is manufacture and design ways to slide and fold things, and yeah of course, doors included.

The original idea behind Helaform was to serve people who required sliding door solutions that would integrate to their needs. We started in 1983 when everyone in Finland tought it would be crazy to solely dedicate business to simply manufacture a niche product. A product that would slide a door. ….That ́s okay, since today we are proud to be right where we are, manufacturing quality sliding door hardware for everyday use.

On this journey we have gotten some great partners and customers who have developed a sliding gear industry with us. And we’re not going to stop. We will continue to explore the potential to develop our products that will make it easy and enrich our everyday lives.

Rather stiff and silent. Possesses a mix of technicality and simplicity. A bit crazy to be experimenting with a natural instinct to survive (and enjoy) in extreme cold and hot conditions. Some might describe us this way. We´d say that just about our products.

As Finns in general, our philosophy is not to be the loudest, biggest, nor shiniest. We do not want a high tower office from where to observe the world. Our way is to keep our feet on the ground, be flexible and approachable, and always do our best. We still want to offer the services and authenticity of a small workshop even though we are growing all the time.