The new heavyweight series has been launched – Series 900

Helaform developed the 900 SERIES sliding track system a few years ago for a large European fire door manufacturer. Since then, the series has also attracted a lot of interest from many other customers. Now, after the latest product development and testing phases, we are happy to announce that the 900 series is now part of our standard range.

Here are some of the features of the 900 series:


The series meets the need that falls between the 500 and 2000 series. When your project requires a weight capacity of more than 500 kg but 2000 kg is oversized, the 900 series offers the perfect solution with a weight capacity of 900 kg.



The series also includes an adjustable wall bracket, which allows the distance of the track from the wall to be adjusted. This is especially useful when you have doors of different thicknesses, as you can alter the gap between the wall and the door according to your needs. The height adjustment of the bracket enables the easy and versatile adjustment of the track’s height. Door thickness max. 180 mm.



All parts of the 900 series are of guaranteed Helaform quality, down to the last detail. The series uses a strong sliding track with a C-profile shape, supported by durable adjustable wall brackets or soffit brackets. The structure of the MPS model hanger, combined with high-quality ball bearings, ensures smooth and stable movement. The track stop stops the hanger inside the track and keeps the hanger inside the track. The joint can be used to extend/join the tracks. The bottom guides are the same as those in the 300/500 and 2000 series.

Refer to the product pages for component-specific information. You can also download product-specific PDF and DWG images from the data sheets.






The 900 series is suitable for almost all heavy sliding door needs, the most common applications of which are:

  • Halls
  • Logistics centres
  • Cold stores
  • Production facilities
  • Logistics centers
  • Airport hangars
  • Waste management facilities
  • Shipyards
  • Power plants

In addition to these, the series is also well suited for various conveyor systems, for example.


Ask for an offer now. Products are now available from the warehouse!