Can sliding doors be lifted onto and off the track or do I need to slide the door into place at the end of the track?

Interior sliding doors

No need to slide the door into place. In most cases, the hangers are inside the track onto which the door can be lifted to attach it to the hangers with the fixing plates. As an exception, the hangers of the 30 and 40 series have fixed plates that are attached directly to the door, but these tracks are also open, allowing the door and its hangers to be lifted onto the track.

Storage and industrial sliding doors

This depends on what types of hangers are used. MPS hangers have hooks onto which the threaded rod fixed to the door frame is lifted and tightened. The threaded rod of MP hangers is fixed to the hanger that is inserted through the door frame and tightened with a bolt. If the door frame is cladded with corrugated sheets on both sides, the MP hangers are already fixed to the door, in which case the door must be slid into place at the end of the track.