What is the maximum weight of a sliding door?

Interior sliding doors

The maximum weight of a door installed on Helaform’s sliding track systems designed for interior sliding doors is 300 kg. However, this depends on what series of track systems is used.

The most common standard flush-panel doors weigh 20–50 kg. Solid wood doors can weigh 40–150 kg, depending on the size of the door.

Here are the maximum weight capacities for different series (per door):

• 75 series (Junior, Flow, steel): 50–100 kg.

• SKANDI: 120 kg

• RETRÖ: 150 kg

• SAGA: 150 kg/300 kg

The maximum weight capacity also depends on whether Soft Close mechanisms are used.

Storage and industrial sliding doors

It depends on what series you are using. As the weight of the sliding door increases, the series also changes. The sliding doors of our heaviest series, such as the 500 and 2000 series, can weigh 500–2,000 kg.