What should I take into account when planning a sliding door?

If you are thinking about getting a sliding door, you should consider the environment, space, intended use and appearance of the door as well as what features and technical specifications you require from it.
Here are some things that need to be considered:
• Ensure that the sliding door can slide inside or on the wall next to the doorway without obstructions.
• If the sliding door(s) are moved within the doorway, check the width of the required opening and how many sliding doors are required for this.
• Try to ensure that the wall/ceiling has sturdy support structures that the track can be installed on.
• Ensure that the walls, ceiling/top structure and floor around the sliding door are straight.
• Measure the thickness of the door so that the doors can slide next/on top of each other when installing multiple sliding doors.
• Ensure that the bottom guide can be installed on the floor or wall and check how to install the guide when installing multiple sliding doors.
• Do you want to include soft closes or other features for the sliding door?
• What do you want the sliding door to look like when completed? Door material, track visible or concealed, etc.
• If the sliding door(s) are installed outdoors, the wind load they are exposed to must be taken into account. Read more about wind load.

If you have any questions when you are planning your sliding door, contact our sales team.

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