SKANDI fittings set

SKANDI fittings set is an elegant track system with stainless steel components and a stylish design that fits perfectly into a modern interior. The set includes soft close mechanisms integrated inside the track. Thanks to them, the door opens and closes calmly and safely. The door slides on the wall, freeing up the floor space for other uses.

SKANDI creates a distinctive sliding door to your home

When you want a spectacular and modern interior for your home, SKANDI is your choice. Stainless steel and stylish design are an elegant choice for a Nordic interior taste. A wall-sliding top-sliding door is also the perfect choice for tight spaces where a traditional hinged door can even be in the way. The set includes stylish hangers that slide on a round RST sliding track.


The set includes Soft closes for added comfort, both at the opening and closing ends. They slow down the movement of the door when closing and opening, which makes the operation soft and almost silent. Soft closes are already integrated inside the sliding track.

Available in two different sets

Fittings set SKANDI for wooden door
Door technical requirements:
• Door max. width: 1000 mm (2 m track) and 1200 mm (2,4 m track)
• Door max. weight: 80 kg (without Soft closes 120 kg)
• Door thickness: 35-45 mm


Fittings set SKANDI for glassdoor
Lasin tekniset vaatimukset:
• Door max. width: 1000 mm (2 m track) and 1200 mm (2,4 m track)
• Door max. weight: 80 kg (without Soft closes 120 kg)
• Glass thickness: 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm.



With the track joint you can connect / extend the track seamlessly as you like. This method is used e.g. when double doors are desired for the large door opening, which open completely out from the front of the door opening to the sides. Such sliding doors bring spectacle, for example, in the living room as room dividers. Note! The door can also slide over the track joint.

There are two different types of handles in our collection; wooden door handle and a glass door handle. A suitable hole is drilled for the wooden door handle in the door, through which the threaded bolt goes and the handle pieces are tightened. The glass door handle, on the other hand, is attached with a strong 3M sticker, so there is no need to make separate holes in the glass for the handle. Both handles are slender, which also fits well between the wall and the door if necessary.


Convenient and compact package that is easy to install

The SKANDI fittings set is sold as a complete installation package for your sliding door, which includes a track, stylish hangers, stops, a bottom guide, a Soft closes, and all the necessary screws and nuts. Available in 2 m and 2.4 m lengths. See the product’s own page for more detailed delivery contents.

Installation does not necessarily require professional help, as with a few basic tools, installation is possible from almost anyone. When working on a glass door (eg holes), we recommend that you consult a professional.