New Soft closes for 75 series is here!

Helaform has now two different Soft Closes for the 75 series: one for light interior sliding doors up to 75 kg (blue) and one for heavy interior sliding doors up to 100 kg (black).

These new soft closes will replace the current soft close (20117) and bring the following improvements:

  • You can choose the soft close to better fit for your door weight
  • The soft close can be detached from the hanger, stocked separately and retrofitted to an existing hanger
  • New design to allow more cost-effective pricing

BLUE is optimal use with light interior doors like light mdf doors (approx. 20–60 kg).

BLACK is optimal use with heavy interior doors like metal framed glass doors and solid wooden doors (approx. 70–100 kg).

Soft close comes with fully functional kit so you can just insert it into the sliding track and follow couple of steps from easy instructions and you are good to go.


Need a Soft close for your project?