RETRÖ fittings set

A sliding door mechanism familiar from the rural landscape, which has now found its way into the hearts of interior designers and renovators. The stylish RETRÖ sliding door fittings set, also known as the BARN DOOR system, is designed for the people who want a unique and stylish solution for their home.

The barn door -style track system crowns your unique door

Helaform’s RETRÖ set with your unique door creates the centerpiece of your home and adds splendor. A wall-sliding top-sliding door is also the perfect choice for tight spaces where a traditional hinged door can get in the way. The RETRÖ set includes showy hangers and stylish matte black parts that act as an eye-catcher in the living room, bedroom or anywhere.


The package includes Soft Close function for added comfort, both at the opening and closing ends. The Soft Close mechanism slows down the movement of the door when closing and opening, which makes the operation soft and almost silent.

Suitable for many types of doors to a home or even a cottage

The “rustic” RETRÖ is suitable for almost all 35-45 mm doors where you can make 10 mm holes for the hangers. Whether you have an old door that you want to customize in a barn door style or a brand new modern door for which you want to create a gorgeous sliding door to match the interior of your home, RETRÖ makes all of this possible. So use the door you want and create the decor style of your dreams.

RETRÖ also works great in a cottage, for example where the space and rooms are often even smaller and where a sliding door saves a lot of space. And while the rustic-looking RETRÖ is already distinctive, it is perfect for a cottage with often invigoratingly bold interiors.

Door technical requirements:
– Max. door weight 80 kg (150 kg without Soft close)
– Door max. width: 1000 mm (2 meter track) and 1200 mm (2.4 meter track).
– Door thickness 35-45 mm

Double track or track connection is possible with convenient accessories

We also offer accessories that allow for a variety of installation options to suit your needs.

Double bracket RETRÖ allow two sliding doors to move parallel to the door opening. This is convenient, for example when you want to use a double door in a wider-than-normal door opening, but the doors cannot fit completely next to the door opening or there is no space for a long track.

With the track joint you can connect / extend the track seamlessly as you like. This method is used, for example when the double doors of a large door opening must run on the same track and open completely out from the front of the door opening to the sides. Such sliding doors are impressive, for example in the living room as room dividers. Note! The door can also slide over the track joint if necessary.

There are two types of handles in our collection; surface-mounted and recessed model. The classic handle RETRÖ is installed on the door surface. The handle provides a firm grip for opening and closing the door. This handle does not fit between the door and the wall. Flush handle RETRÖ fits easily to slide between the door and the wall. However, the handle has enough depth to get a firm grip on moving the door.


The RETRÖ fittings set is sold as a complete installation package for your sliding door, including a track, stylish hangers, stops, a bottom guide, a Soft closes, and all the necessary screws and nuts. Available in 2 m and 2.4 m lengths. See the product’s own page for more detailed delivery contents.

Installation does not necessarily require professional help, as with a few basic tools, installation is possible by almost anyone.

Package includes:

  • Sliding track
  • 5/6 x wall bracket (34 mm)
  • 5/6 x wall bracket (40 mm) (Enables the use of a thicker door with a skirting board)
  • 2 x hangers
  • 2 x Soft Close
  • 2 x stop
  • 2 x jump block
  • 2 x bottom guide
  • 2 x 3M tape
  • installation instructions and mounting screws
  • NOTE! The set does not include a door.