Folding doors for commercial spaces

(Series: 150)

Useful and durable systems for commercial spaces’ folding doors. Folding doors in for example commercial spaces are usually tailored according to the projects door requirements.

Helaform’s endfold systems are a great solution for these types of spaces, since the system folds only on the other side of the opening, which is why it is the most common and the most popular system. In this system you can use either hinges of a pivot sets. Pivot set provides a hinge like movement to the first door leaf, which means that the first door leaf does not need to be hinged and that all door leaves can be of the exact same width. Hinges should be chosen according the doors use and material.

Helaform can also provide hangers for endfold systems can include butterfly hinges ( PTP hangers). Helaform’s product range also includes a hinge for these hangers.

You can also check out more information on useful information on folding doors and how to choose the components for a folding door system.

Folding doors are ideal solutions for the following places:

  • logistic centres
  • warehouses
  • workshops and garages
  • shipyards

Weight capacity: 50 kg - 75 kg/door leaf
Door material: Aluminium

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