Logistic center’s folding doors

(Series: 300/500)

Reliable and functional folding door systems for warehouses and storage facilities. Folding doors are suitable for example for logistic centre’s doors, since they are durable, leave the floor accessible and they are suited for big doorways.  Folding doors are an economical and maintenance free solution for many industrial spaces.

When using steel doors, hangers can be welded directly to the door frame leaving a clean finish to the front and back of the door. Helaform’s folding door systems are meant for 6-8 heavy door leafs. Series 300/500 folding door systems can carry up to 150 kg per door leaf. Helaform’s product range also includes hinges that can be used with the metal folding door hangers. Check our whole hinges selection here.  You can also check out more information on useful information on folding doors and how to choose the components for a folding door system.

Folding doors are ideal solutions for the following places:

  • logistic centres
  • warehouses
  • workshops and garages
  • shipyards

Weight capacity: 100 kg- 150 kg / ovilehti
Lämpligt dörrmaterial: Metall

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