Extremely heavy sliding doors

(Series: 2000)

This sliding door system for sliding doors in massive industrial and warehousing buildings allows huge doorways to be covered with large sliding doors that, however, despite their size, move easily and safely. The advantage of lightly movable sliding doors is also that the doors can only be opened to the extent needed at any given time, thus reducing heat loss in the hall.

High-quality components such as the sliding track and the hangers are designed so that the system is effortless to install as well as long-lasting. Our durable and reliable products are also cost-effective as they do not require expensive maintenance.

Series 2000 is an ideal solution for the following places:

  • Big industrial buildings
  • Port- and airport buildings
  • Security and protection doors
  • Extra heavy and large sliding doors

Weight capacity: 2000 kg
Ratkaisun ovimateriaali: Metalli

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