Sliding doors with low headroom plate and Soft close

(Series: 75 FLOW)

Stylish and finished solution for sliding doors for indoor use. This solution includes an adjustable low headroom plate to reduce the gap between the track and the door. Perfect when you want to leave the track visible or hide the track, for example on the ceiling, which gives a seamless look from the ceiling to the floor. The system includes features such as a Soft Close and a Soft Stop. These features greatly increase user comfort. Thanks to the Soft Close, the door closes softly, slowing down and making the use of a sliding door carefree and safe. The end caps complete the stylish look of the track.

If you prefer to mount the bottom guide to the wall, you can use a wall-mounted bottom guide (see Alternative Products for the Solution below)

75 Flow is an ideal solution for the following places:

  • apartments
  • offices
  • commercial spaces


Weight capacity: 100 kg
Installation's door material: Wood

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