Assembly set 300/500

Product code: 50600

Assembly set 300/500 includes sliding door fittings for one sliding door (sliding track not included) for outdoor use. Used in with a 3-meter K-300 (50013) or K-500 (50023) steel track, in which case the door width can be max. 1000 mm and door weight max. 300 kg (with K-300 track) or max. 500 kg (with K-500 track). The load capacity therefore depends on which track is used. This package is well suited for sliding doors in larger halls and industrial warehouses, for example.

Double sliding doors:
Using two assembly sets, double sliding doors can be installed, ie two sliding doors on the same track line. In this case, 2 x 3 m sliding tracks are required. Doors max. width and weight remain the same, but the width of the door opening is doubled up to 3000 mm.

Using the bottom guide channel:
The AOK bottom guide channel (50318) can also be connected to the assembly set. By installing the bottom guide track below the door, the sliding door is made to slide on only one bottom guide bearing which can also be hidden.

Package includes:

2 x hanger
2 x plate (side fixing)
4 x wall bracket
2 x stop
2 x end cap
bottom guide
mounting screws

Product info

Series 300/500
Capacity 300 / 500 kg
Fixing wall
Bracket interval 1000 mm
Material Hot-dipped galvanized steel
Door thickness 35-47 mm

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