Fittings set RETRÖ

Product code: 11700-0

The RETRÖ fittings set is a stylish barn door-inspired sliding track system that acts as an eye-catcher in both the bedroom and the living room. RETRÖ resembles a mechanism familiar from the doors of a barn in a rural landscape, which has now also been updated to suit homes. The set includes Soft closes at both ends. Available in two different lenghts: 2 m and 2.4 m.

Stylish handles are also available as accessories. It is also possible to extend the track with a track joint, so even a larger door opening can be covered with this design package. The two track can be moved in parallel (bypass) with the double brackets provided.

Read more about RETRÖ here.

Package includes:

  • Sliding track
  • 5/6 x wall bracket (34 mm)
  • 5/6 x wall bracket (40 mm)
  • 2 x hangers
  • 2 x Soft Close
  • 2 x stop
  • 2 x jump block
  • 2 x bottom guide
  • 2 x 3M tape
  • installation instructions and mounting screws
  • NOTE! The set does not include a door.

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