Syncroduo SDS-150/SAGA (preinstalled)

Product code: 10168

Preinstalled Syncroduo for double doors for 150/SAGA series sliding door systems. The Syncro duo enables two doors to open simultaneously, while moving one door. This is useful in big doorways, where heavy double doors can be moved easily and effortlessly.

Set for double doors for max 750 mm door widths, for max 1500 mm doorways. Sets also available for different door sizes and doorways. Ask more about these from our sales.

This system is installed already inside the track, so the assembly is easy and it does not require any special expertise. There are two preinstalled sets, with one (10168) or two (10169) Soft closes.

Set includes ( depending on how many Soft closes the set has)
Track ( 3 m)
Soft Close ( 1-2 pcs)
Hangers ( 2-3 pcs)
Stops ( 2 pcs)
Wire ( 6 m)
End plates ( pair)
and the adjustment tool.

In addition you need plates, bottom guiding and if need wall brackets.

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Product info

Series 150/SAGA
Capacity 80 kg/door

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