Apartment house, Helsinki, Finland

A SAGA sliding door system with a beautiful white sliding door was installed in this one-bedroom apartment building.

Residents of the home wanted to install a sliding door in the doorway between the living room and the bedroom. The width of the door opening was wider than normal, so the hinged door would have taken up too much useful space when opened. In addition, there were no frames at all on the other side of the doorway, so a sliding door was the best and most effective solution for this. An almost seamless appearance, where the door starts almost immediately from the sliding track, was achieved with an adjustable low headroom plate. The SAGA sliding door system was also equipped with Soft close mechanisms at both ends, which makes the use of the sliding door soft and silent.

Now the residents of this lovely home can keep the sliding door open so the spaces merge and the light floods in or if they want their own privacy they can close the sliding door and divide the spaces into their own rooms.

Series: SAGA 150

Door manufacturer: Joroisten taiteovi

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