Bicycle Sheds, Finland

The stylish and durable bicycle shed with sliding doors is practical, but also space-saving.

Lehtovuori, the leading manufacturer of living environment furniture in Finland, produced magnificent and high-quality bicycle sheds with sliding doors for the Nokia city social and health care center. The doors utilized Helaform’s 150 series sliding track systems. The tracks used were K-150 steel tracks, supported by KKK/2-150 double soffit brackets . The doors themselves are moved by MPS-150/Al/steel hangers and the movement of the doors is limited by KP-100/150 stops. AO-22 wall fixing bottom guides were installed at the bottom of the doors for two doors.

Lehtovuori’s bicycle sheds are part of the logistical entirety of the yard area of the Nokia city social and health care station. The building has several entrances for clients and staff, with bicycle parking spaces reserved near the entrances, in the form of both bicycle shelters and bicycle sheds. With the increasing popularity of valuable electric bicycles, there has also been a growing demand for secure, lockable, and user-friendly bicycle sheds.

Series: 150

Door manufacturer: Lehtovuori

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