Private home, Finland

Sliding doors made this home carefree to use while saving space.

Up to five pocket doors were installed in this detached house for a family of 4. In this home, we wanted to minimize all the squares of waste and at the same time bring in interior contrast instead of traditional hinged doors. The doors were a standard 9×21 size and became the Bedrooms and Utility Room doors. The sliding door frames and pine veneer door leaves, as well as the wooden-framed glass sliding door came from Joroisten taiteovi -company and the sliding door system used was Helaform’s 75 Flow sliding track system. With these sliding doors, all the squares in the home were put to good use and because the interior doors are often kept in the open position, they are still not in the way of the residents in the daily life of the home.

Soft closes were installed on both closing and opening ends of the sliding track to bring comfort and safety to everyday use of the sliding door. At the same time, Soft close brings durability to the entire sliding door, as this heavier-than-normal door would also strain structures when stopped without a damper.

Pine veneer door leaves bring a nice contrast to the white walls and since the house is a log house built of pine wood, they also perfectly follow the atmosphere of a log house at home.



Series: 75 FLOW

Door manufacturer: Joroisten taiteovi

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