Private home, Helsinki

Sliding doors save space in two-room apartment flats.

75 Flow sliding door system was installed with white flush-panel doors to this two-room apartment in Punavuori, Helsinki. Low headroom plates were used in this system to cover the gap between the track and the door finishing off the system with a stream-lined design.  The track system was installed significantly higher then the doorway to add height and space to the room. Additional comfort was added by including a Soft close mechanism to the other end, which closes the door smoothly and softly and a lighter Soft Stop mechanism to the other end, to stop the door, preventing it from bouncing back.

The baseboards at this apartment were very thick, so spacer plates were installed behind the brackets to get the door further away from the wall and smoothly over the baseboards.

Sliding doors were a perfect choice for this home, where traditional hinge doors would have taken space and been in the way in a small two-room apartment. In addition sliding doors suited the apartments over all decor extremely well.

Series: 75 FLOW

Door manufacturer: Joroisten taiteovi

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