Private home, the Netherlands

Sliding glass doors add brightness to a home

Glass sliding doors were installed to this Dutch home between the living room and kitchen.  The glass sliding door was installed with SAGA Syncro duo system, which opens and closes simultaneously when moving one of the doors. With glass sliding doors and walls one big space can be divided into two spaces still keeping the same light and spacious feel as in one big space.  And when the sliding door is open, it looks like there is nothing between these two rooms. The doors are light to use even with heavy doors and the soft close mechanisms included in the system make it easy even for small children to use the doors safely. In additions as all Helaform sliding door systems are top hung systems, this leaves the stone floor practically untouched and the floor accessible.

Sliding doors were installed in doorways that are 4308 mm width and 2504 mm high. One sliding door weighs approximately 80 kg.


Series: SAGA 150

Door manufacturer:

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