Private home, Vantaa, Finland

Sliding doors add comfort to your everyday life

Five sliding doors were installed to this private home in Vantaa with the SAGA sliding door systems. The system included low headroom plates, which reduced the clearance between the track and the door creating a seamless look to the sliding door. In addition, the sliding door track was painted white to match the lightness of the doors and walls. The tracks were installed either very close to the ceiling or at least higher then the doorway, which added a sense of height and space to the room. For more comfortable use Soft closes were added, which softened the doors movement.

Sliding doors were a perfect choice for this home, where traditional hinges doors would have taken too much space and would have been in the way at times. In addition, the design of the home is now more structured and streamlined fitting with the rest of its stylish environment.

Series: SAGA 150

Door manufacturer: Joroisten taiteovi

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