Private villa, Bulgaria

Sliding shutters on the balcony provide protection from the sun

The customer’s villa in Bulgaria was installed with stylish and practical sliding shutters for the balcony. Now, depending on the time of day, the customer is free to move the panels to bring relief from the scorching sun both inside and on the balcony. The house was designed by the Architects 1A Studio and the shades themselves were implemented by Etem.

The sliding system of the sliding shutters were implemented with Helaform’s 500 series track, MP-300/500 hangers and SKL-300/500 wall brackets. All products were stainless steel products that can withstand very challenging conditions. A total of 12 sliding shutters were installed in the villa. The size of one panel was 5.6 m x 1.4 m x 0.15 m and weighed 140 kg.

Series: 300/500

Door manufacturer: Etem

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