Storage facility (Tire hall), Finland

A new tire hall was built for HF Autohuolto Ltd in connection with their premises in Riihimäki Finland, where it is possible to load and unload goods from almost every direction thanks to sliding doors.

The hall was designed by Masirak Ltd. together with Someron Terästyö Ltd., which also built the hall. An important starting point was that the hall could be opened from many sides to make storing goods as easy and convenient as possible. There were 2 sliding doors at the ends of the hall and 16 sliding doors on each side. The structures had to be designed to provide a solid and durable hall, although there were several sliding doors. HF Autohuolto Oy performs repairs and maintenance of heavy equipment, e.g. For Volvo Trucks. The new tire hall can hold up to 1,500 tires for heavy vehicles.

The sliding doors used Helaform’s 500 series products, which can carry up to 500 kg of sliding doors. A total of 208 meters of tracks were installed with double track. With the 500 series, the doors slide smoothly and the galvanized steel parts guarantee durability for years to come. Cover plates were also made on the tracks to provide additional protection for the track systems from the changing weather conditions in Finland. The bottom guide “angle iron” was made by Someron terästyö itself and used Helaform’s bottom guide roller.

Hall dimensions: 12 m x 46.80 m
Number of sliding doors: 36 pcs.
The size of one door leaf is 2700 x 6000 mm and the weight is about 215 kg.

3D-video on how sliding doors work:

Series: 300/500

Door manufacturer: Someron terästyö Oy

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