Dance House Helsinki

Massive sliding doors separate and open spaces in the Tanssin talo.

The long-awaited Dance house Helsinki (Tanssin talo) in connection with the Cable Factory in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, has finally been handed over to the customer by builder. However, the finishing work will continue until 2022. Haahtela Construction were responsible for the total construction project of approximately 6,800 square meters and JKMM Arkkitehdit Ltd and ILO Arkkitehdit Ltd was responsible for the design.

Helaform’s customer Jaatimet Oy implemented massive approximately 8-meter-high electric sliding doors in the back rooms of the Dance House stage, which came in a total of 3 pieces. For massive doors made of sheet steel, rubber mat and insulation, the weights were 2 x 850 kg and 1900 kg.

Due to the heavy weights of the doors, they ended up using Helaform’s 2000 series of sliding track systems with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg. Due to the other dark-speaking general look of the back room facilities, the track, brackets and plates were also painted black. The electrically operated mechanism used in the doors was applied to suit Helaform’s track system.

Series: 2000

Door manufacturer: Jaatimet Oy

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