Folding doors for cultural centers

(Series: 100)

Solution for diverse and easy to use folding doors. Folding doors can be used to divide spaces for example big banquet halls into two smaller halls. Helaform’s centrefold system is suited for these spaces, since the doors are folded evenly on both sides of the opening taking up space from both sides equally. The benefit of using a centrefold system is that the door’s width is not limited as much as in endfold systems.

You can also check out more information on useful information on folding doors and how to choose the components for a folding door system.

Folding doors are ideal solutions for the following places:

  • commercial spaces
  • apartments
  • workshops and garages
  • storages

Weight capacity: 30 kg - 50 kg/ ovilehti
Lämpligt dörrmaterial: Trä

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