Heavy sliding doors

(Series: SAGA 300)

Solution for heavy and large aluminium-framed sliding doors. This series is used especially in large spaces where rooms are divided with big design elements such as movable walls. This series makes it possible to move heavy and large doors such as solid wooden doors due to its high weight capacity.

SAGA 300 series is designed for heavy interior and exterior applications, where durable and stylish sliding systems are required. The linear track blends with the door and the shape of the hangers helps the door slide effortlessly. Concave reinforced nylon wheels with precision bearings sliding on an aluminum profile which gives a silent and light sliding action. Slide-on wall fixing brackets ease and quicken the installation.

Series 300 SAGA is ideal solutions for the following places:

  • commercial spaces such as museums and galleries
  • apartments
  • decks

Weight capacity: 300 kg
Installations' door material: Aluminium

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