Sliding door with RETRÖ system and Soft closes

(Series: RETRÖ)

The RETRÖ track system together with your stylish door creates a centerpiece and adds visibility to your home. The high-quality RETRÖ fittings set includes eye-catching hangers and stylish matte black parts that act as an eye-catcher in the living room and bedroom. This system is a complete ready-made package, available in two different sizes: 2 and 2.4 meters.

When you are making double sliding doors, it is also possible to extend the track with a track joint, so that RETRÖ can be used in wide door openings with one door or two sliding doors that open opposite each other (bi-parting). The two tracks can be moved in parallel (bypass) with the double brackets provided.

The package also includes soft closes for added comfort and safety. The soft close mechanism slows down the movement of the door when closing and opening, so it is also suitable for children’s rooms, for example, due to its safety. The soft close mechanism also allows the door to close almost silently.

RETRÖ is a functional solution e.g. to the following destinations:

  • old or modern interior and partition doors
  • barn door type doors
  • design doors
  • room dividers

Weight capacity: 80 kg/ door

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