Sliding shutters

(Series: 150)

Solution for sliding shutters. With different kind of sliding shutters, screens and panels, new levels of attractiveness, protection and variation can be achieved for buildings. Sun protection shutter systems protect the building from excessive heat, light and dazzle, whilst still maintaining visibility to the exterior spaces.

Helaform’s products, designed for use with sliding shutters, offer you a smooth, trouble and maintenance free system that will protect your building from the elements for many years to come. Our product range includes sliding and folding shutters for different weight classes.  Also available is our very clever Syncro-mechanism, which allows the window shutters to open and close symmetrically, with a one-handed movement.

Sliding shutter systems an ideal solution for the following places:

  • apartments
  • offices
  • hotels

Weight capacity: 200 kg
Installation's material: Wood

The products used in this solution