Private home, Finland

The modern and attractive SKANDI with a white wooden sliding door made a functional solution to the problem area of ​​the home

In this family’s detached house, the children’s room’s traditional hinged door did not work in the family’s everyday life. The door was originally installed poorly and it was always necessary to put a “wedge” in the door to keep it open. In addition to this, when the door was located in the corner and the bathroom door was right next to it, they were always in each other’s way when they opened. For these reasons, the residents wanted a functional and stylish sliding door for the children’s room.

Helaform delivered the SKANDI sliding track system to them, and Puutuote Pulkkinen made a white sliding door for it. The installation was done by Puutuote Pulkkinen as well. The door leaf was made slightly wider and taller than the door opening, in order to hide the frames and moldings of the old hinged door when the sliding door was in the closed position. The SKANDI sliding door system also included Soft closes at both ends of the track. SKANDI wooden door handles were installed as handles on the door. The SKANDI track and its parts fit perfectly into the interior of this home and also match well with other brushed steel door handles.

Series: SKANDI

Door manufacturer: Puutuote Pulkkinen

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