Private home, Finland

Synchronised bi-parting sliding doors helped bring luxury and practicality to this beautiful detached house

This gorgeous stone house in Kerava was in need of door solutions for the bedroom, large changing room and bathroom to separate the spaces from each other, while still letting in the light and remaining open. Sliding doors were the best option, as the 1,200-mm doorways are often kept open and the doors should not get in the way of daily life, but can still be closed when needed for privacy and keeping sound from travelling.

The sliding track system needed to be of high quality and match the rest of the house’s stylish decor and, as such, the SAGA series, with anodised black parts, was selected for this location. The residents of the house wanted bi-parting sliding doors for both doorways, bringing a sense of luxury when walking into the spaces. In terms of practical implementation, bi-parting doors were also the only option, as there was only enough space for one 600 mm sliding door on either side of the doorway. The residents also wanted the sliding doors to open simultaneously when moving only one door, so the SAGA Syncro feature was added to the system to make this possible. In addition, a Soft Close feature was added to the closing and opening ends of the sliding doors, making their use soft and effortless.

The beautiful doors for the sliding track systems came from Suomen lasitehdas Oy. All of the doors had black aluminium frames, and one pair had clear glass while the other had mirror glass. The black frames of the doors match wonderfully with the black SAGA tracks.

Series: SAGA 150

Door manufacturer:

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