Sliding doors opens square metres in small student apartments

Aitiopaikka apartments were building in Turku student village with small 30-35 square metre apartments. Sliding doors were chosen to create openness and space for student's every day lives. In a big portion of the apartments with the bedroom separately, sliding doors were used between the living room and bedroom. Where a traditional hinge door would take floor space, a sliding door slides inconspicuously to the wall leaving the floor accessible.

“When I leave to go to university, I open the sliding door in my bedroom and leave it open. When I come home I get to enjoy the openness and lightness of the apartment for the rest of the day and I don’t really notice the doors existence. At night when I go to bed I like to close the sliding doors and in doing so make the bedroom a peaceful private space.” Tiia, student 

Helaform delivered approximately 80 sliding door systems with cover plates to two-room apartments together with Mattiovi Oy’s standard white door profiles. These Cover plate sets 75 Flow are extremely popular due to their discreet appearance and easy to install parts. When the sliding door system is installed on the wall, it is covered with a Click-on cover plate, which does not need screws to stay in place.

The Student Village Foundation of Turku’s (TYS) new apartment location, Aitiopaikka’s first apartments were ready in the turn of the year 2019. The apartment building consists of 225 apartments so a home for about 361 students, which were built by YIT. Aitiopaikka also represents ecological living, the roof has been installed with over 500 solar panels, which produce more energy then the building needs.

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Series: 75 FLOW

Door manufacturer: Mattiovi

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